Summer 2024

Video Inspiration

Video remains the medium of choice for both internal and external communication. Video communication has become vital for any business regardless of size or type of business.

Below we give you an inspirational selection of recent Beehived Media work.
And of course we are also happy to help you.

Employer branding

By means of employer branding, Aquafin puts the company culture on the map and creates added value for the target group, with the aim of retaining current employees, attracting new employees and a generally strong company image in terms of being an employer.

Special series

If you want to communicate a special story to a diverse target group, you can create a mini series around the topic to tell the story within and outside the organization. Umicore put the Women behind science on the map.

Reference cases

Client testimonials and case studies are essential components of a successful corporate marketing strategy because they lend credibility to your brand. Dell Technologies puts the spotlight on the customer and joint projects.

Show the unpresentable

Sometimes live action video is not possible or not the best choice and animation video is recommended. The advantage of animation is that you have it in all sizes and weights, but above all you can make the invisible visual. Bicky uses animation to set up certain actions, other companies use it to provide insight into business processes.

Better Together

Better Together is a social media talk show where Dell Technologies talks with partners. One theme, one guest, a conversation that forges bonds and provides the viewer with new insights into ICT-related topics.


Mapping the activities at different locations is interesting for both internal and external stakeholders. An operational portrait of Medtronic Benelux provides more insight and involvement. Video that can be used in many ways and can help different departments move forward. 

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